Livestreaming & Facebook Groups

OnApril 22, 2024, Facebook removed the ability for third-party apps like Switcher to livestream to Facebook Groups. This article provides alternative solutions to connect you with your Group audience.

Facebook Group Livestreaming Alternatives

  • Facebook Event: Stream to a Facebook Event, and invite your FB Group members. If you need the stream to be exclusive, create a Private Event with invitations only available to members of your FB Group. Learn More: Streaming to a Facebook Event with Switcher Studio
  • Player Page: Instead of selecting a Facebook Group as a destination option in the dashboard, you can go live to a Switcher Player page, and share the Player Page link in a post in your group. (This option requires a Business Plan subscription) Learn More: How to Create a Switcher Player Page Link
  • Embed on Your Website: If you have a website, you can livestream there using Switcher Player’s embed feature and share your website link directly to your Facebook Group- this has the added benefit of driving your audience to the website you own. If you want to keep the stream exclusive to your private FB Group, we recommend creating a webpage specific to that group and embedding the Switcher Player you plan to stream to. (This option requires a Business Plan subscription) Learn More: How to Add Videos to Your Website With Switcher Player

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