Gated Content Viewer Experience

Viewers can easily purchase and gain access to your Gated Content. They'll start by clicking on your video player, where they'll see a notice that a purchase is needed to view the content.

Table Of Contents:

Purchasing Content For The First Time

To purchase the content for the first time, they'll click the "Subscribe" option in the top-right corner of the player's window:

Next, they'll be asked to enter in their email address.

Lastly, they'll enter in their payment information.

They'll now have access to your content and be able to watch it throughout the life of their subscription (or forever, if this window is set up for a one-time purchase rather than a subscription).

Restoring Past Purchases

If your viewer has already purchased this content and should still have use of it (i.e. they did not purchase a subscription that has lapsed), they can restore their access to it.

At the bottom of the player's window, they'll want to click on the text for "Restore Your Access".

Then, they'll enter in their email address, and their access (if valid) will be restored!

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