Basic Equipment Recommendations

Although the only requirements for using Switcher Studio are an iOS device and a reliable internet network, additional equipment can enhance your video production. Tripods and mounts stabilize your video, while microphones and an audio mixer will help ensure your online audience can clearly hear everything. We've compiled a list of these tools along with a few other basic essentials to help you enhance your video production.

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We recommend having at least one iPad as part of your Switcher Studio setup, as it is easier to use as your main switching device.


To use your iOS device with a tripod, you need both the tripod itself and a ¼-20 (“quarter twenty”) tripod mount. At Switcher Studio, we use and fully endorse all of the tripod options from iOgrapher, and recommend their Multi Case, which is equipped with a built-in ¼-20 mount. 

Alternatives to iOgrapher products are:


An external microphone will provide better audio quality and allow more flexibility than the built-in microphones on iOS devices. To find which microphone is the best for your needs, see the Microphone recommendation section of our Audio Gear Recommendations article.

Portable Batteries

The important thing when choosing an external battery is making sure the output is 4.8A. Smaller batteries will only output 2.4A, which is sufficient if you're charging only, but if you need to power something along with your iPhone like an ethernet connection, or audio mixer, the 2.4A is not powerful enough for it. 

We're fans of the Anker PowerCore charger. The 2 port larger charger can charge both your iOS device along with another connection, and give it enough power to work. These will also last a lot longer. 

Make sure you are using official Apple charge cables or Apple-certified cables, as off-brand ones will break easily or not get you the full charging power, which will cause the batteries to not perform at their best. 

Note: These batteries come with a mesh bag to hold them in. The loop to close the bag is perfect for hanging off a tripod, making the tripod more stable and giving the battery a place to hang.

Audio Mixer

If you use external microphones or require multiple audio sources, you will also need an audio mixer. Using a mixer will also make it easier to inject music into your stream. Any basic mixer will work with Switcher Studio, but one of our favorites is the Zoom H6 6-channel mixer/recorder. You may also want to purchase the Lightning to USB3 camera adapter, which connects the mixer to your iOS devices.

For additional mixer options, see the Mixer recommendation section of our Audio Gear Recommendations article.

For help setting up an audio mixer to use with Switcher Studio, check out the External Audio Sources section of the article Audio Sources

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