How To Set Up Microsoft Stream

To set up Microsoft Stream:

  • Enter the event a name, description, and thumbnail image (optional) in the “Details” area.

  • Select a start time.

    • You can schedule the event for another time or you can choose “As soon as encoder is connected (now)” to go live now.

  • Set permissions and options for who can view the stream.

  • Click Publish now.

  • Click the dropdown menu below Select encoder and choose Switcher Studio.

  • Click Start Setup.

    • Microsoft Stream will now set up the stream, which may take a couple of minutes. When it is complete it will display “Ready to connect”.

  • Now click the Configure link which will open the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Login to Switcher Studio.

  • Check the Microsoft Stream details and click Confirm.

  • Open Switcher Studio on your iOS device.

  • Tap to the Outputs tab. (arrow and box icon)

  • Tap Microsoft Stream, and make sure there is a blue checkmark as well as the title you gave your stream next to it.

  • Tap the red button in Switcher to begin streaming.

    • Note: Your video WILL NOT be live until you complete rest of the steps below.

  • Go back to the Microsoft Stream configuration page. You should see a preview of your video from Switcher along with a message which reads “You are ready to go live”.

  • To make your video Live immediately, click Start Stream.

    • You can also select OK and click Start Stream whenever you are ready to go Live.

  • To end your stream, you can press the Stop button in Switcher or click “End Stream” on the Microsoft Stream event configuration page.

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