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Facebook Crossposting allows you to stream to multiple Pages at once. You can set up Crossposting on up to 200 Facebook Pages. Before using Crossposting in Switcher Studio, you will need to set it up on Facebook.

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Setting up Crossposting on Facebook

In order to approve Crossposting for a Facebook Page, you must be a Page Admin. You do not have to be an Admin of the Page you want to crosspost to, but a Page Admin must approve the Crossposting request.

  • Go to Facebook.com

  • Click your profile icon in the top-right corner and make sure to "act" as the Page you are initially broadcasting to.

  • Click Settings & Privacy.

  • Click Settings.

  • Scroll down and click Crossposting.

  • In the box next to Add Page, type the Page name or Facebook URL.

  • Select the Page from the list that appears.

  • Select your preference from the Live Videos options.

    • Click Next.

      • You will have to wait for an Admin of the requested Page to approve your Crossposting request. Facebook provides a link that you can copy and paste to message an Admin directly.

    • Click Done.

      • The page will now be added to the Added Page section.

Note: You can access and share the link with a page admin at any time by going to Page > Settings > Crossposting. In the Pending Crosspost Requests section, click on the link icon.

Using Crossposting in the Switcher Studio App

Once the crossposting relationship has been granted on Facebook, you can use the feature when setting up your stream in Switcher Studio.

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Livestreaming in the Outputs tab.

  • Tap Create A New Livestream.

  • Tap Facebook.

  • Choose your Facebook Page.

  • Tap Continue.

  • Next to Destination Options tap the drop-down arrow to open.

    Toggle on Crossposting.

    • Choose pages you wish to crosspost to.

  • Select from the options or start typing the name of the Page you want to stream to with Crossposting.

    • Repeat this process to crosspost to additional Pages.

Live Comments & Crossposting

Each live crosspost is treated as a separate broadcast on each Page. Comments and reactions from your Page's live video won't appear in the other Page's crossposted broadcast. Therefore, the comments that appear in Switcher Studio will be those left on the primary Facebook Page.

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