Adding Drone Video Into Switcher Studio

The steps below will help you bring the video from a DJI Spark into Switcher Studio. The drone's camera feed will be displayed on a secondary iOS device that you will screen share into Switcher.


  • DJI Spark

  • DJI Spark Controller

  • Two iOS devices

    • One as the remote screen sharing device

    • One as the main Switcher.

  • Adapter and/or cable to connect DJI controller to iOS device

To add your drone feed into Switcher:

  • Turn on the remote with nothing plugged in.

  • Turn on the DJI Spark.

    • Wait for the green light on the controller to show that it is connected.

  • Open the DJI Go app on your iOS device.

  • Plug the OTG cable first into the iOS device.

  • Plug the other end of the OTG cable into the remote.

    • The controller might rumble to mark that it has made the connection.

  • You will get a message on the iOS device, tap Dismiss.

    • The camera will now connect and display on your phone.

  • To go full screen, swipe up with two fingers, and all the displays will go away.

  • Open the Switcher app on the iOS device.

  • Tap Share This Device.

  • Tap Share This Screen.

  • Once the iOS device is connected to the main Switcher, open the DJI app again.

  • The remote screen will now be an asset

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