How to Use Stereo Audio With Switcher

Many users require stereo audio for their productions, rather than just mono. This article provides easy solutions for both USB-C and Lightning-equipped iOS devices.

Note: Some stream providers, like Facebook, default to mono audio for streaming. If you are broadcasting with stereo audio, make sure you have enough available bandwidth and that your streaming provider supports this feature for video delivery, which may require using Custom RTMP.

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Using Stereo Audio With Lightning Devices

The Behringer UCA202 with the Apple Lightning-to-USB3 Camera Adapter is an affordable solution for getting started with stereo audio. You can also use a Zoom H6 mixer with the Apple Lightning-to-USB3 Camera Adapter instead. This audio adapter will allow you to use the RCA output from a mixer or PA (red and white connections typically seen on TV's and DVD players).

Using Stereo Audio With USB-C Devices

USB mixers have the capability to connect directly to an iOS device using an Apple Digital A/V Multiport Adapter. Using this adapter is the recommended way to connect any USB mixer, given that it has an added benefit of being able to charge your device while using external audio.

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