Required Permission for Streaming to a Facebook Group

Switcher Studio's Facebook integration makes it easy to stream to a Group, Timeline, or Page. However, before a Group page can be streamed to, a Group Admin must first approve the use of Switcher Studio in the Group settings. This article walks through the process of updating the Facebook Group settings to allow you to stream using the Switcher Studio app.

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Adding Switcher Studio as a Facebook Group App

Before being able to stream to a Group, an Admin of the Facebook Group must first allow Switcher Studio to make posts in the Group. These steps must be completed using a Mac or PC computer. It will not work using the Facebook mobile app or using a mobile browser.

To add Switcher Studio as an approved Facebook Group App:

  • Go to on a computer.

  • Navigate to the Facebook Group page.

  • Click the Manage tab in the left sidebar.

  • Click Group Settings in the left sidebar.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page.

  • Click the pencil icon next to Apps.

  • Click Add Apps.

  • Type "Switcher Studio" in the search bar under Group Apps.

  • Click Switcher Studio.

  • Click Add.

Confirming the App Status

To confirm Switcher Studio has been added as an approved app:

  • Click the pencil icon next to Apps.

  • You should see Switcher Studio in the list of Group Apps.

Once you have added Switcher Studio as an allowable app, you can set up a stream in Switcher Studio following the instructions in Streaming to Facebook with Switcher Studio.

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