Embedding Your YouTube Video

Embedding is a feature that allows you to display YouTube live streams on other websites using an HTML code provided by YouTube. Embedding live stream videos allows you to extend your reach beyond those using the YouTube website or app, and makes it accessible to a vast number potential viewers on countless platforms.

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Eligibility Requirements

For some users, YouTube now requires certain eligibility criteria to be met in order to access live stream embedding and other advanced features. YouTube is testing these changes to reduce abuse on their platform. You can review Access to YouTube tools and features on Google Help for more information.

Both of the below criteria are required:

In addition to one of the following:

  • Create a video verification

  • Use a valid ID

  • Establish channel history

Accessing Your Eligibility Status

  1. Go to studio.youtube.com on a web browser (ex. Google Chrome)

  2. Log in using your YouTube account credentials

  3. Click Settings in the left sidebar

  4. Click Channel

  5. Click the Feature Eligibility tab

  6. Your account will display Enabled or Disabled for each feature level, depending on the required criteria that is met

    • Live stream embedding is under 3. Advanced Features

Allowing Embedding in Switcher Studio

On an iPad or iPhone:

  1. Open Switcher Studio

  2. Tap the Outputs tab

  3. Tap YouTube

  4. Tap the blue arrow next to YouTube

  5. Tap the desired YouTube account

  6. Enter the title and description

  7. Tap the toggle next to Allow Embedding to set it to the on position

  8. Tap Save

On a computer:

  1. Log in to the Switcher Studio Dashboard

  2. Click the Platforms tab in the left sidebar

  3. Click Details next to YouTube (or Connect if YouTube is not yet linked)

  4. Click the desired YouTube account

  5. Enter the title and description

  6. Click the toggle next to Allow Embedding to set it to the on position

  7. Click Save

  8. Once the settings are saved on the Dashboard, open the Switcher Studio app and press the record button to begin streaming to Youtube

    • Make sure YouTube under the Outputs tab has a check mark next to it

Note: If you receive an "Embed setting was invalid" error message in Switcher Studio when saving your YouTube live stream settings, this means your YouTube account does not meet YouTube's eligibility requirements. See YouTube requirements for embedding live streams for more information.

Retrieving an Embed Code

In order to access your HTML embed code, we recommend using a secondary device (ex. computer) to prevent closing the Switcher Studio app on your main switching device and ending your stream.

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio

  2. Click the Content tab in the left sidebar

  3. Click Live under Channel Content

  4. Click your live stream video

  5. Click the url link below Video Link (ex. https://youtu.be/LfPG673Zu7U)

  6. Click Share below the video player

  7. Click Embed

  8. Double-click the HTML code to highlight it

  9. Right-click the highlighted HTML code

  10. Click Copy

    • Once your code is copied, you may paste it on any website that allows HTML

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