Changing Your Switcher Studio Password

Changing your Switcher Studio password is quick and easy. Make sure you have access to the e-mail address that your Switcher account is registered under, and then follow the instructions below depending on whether you are currently logged into or out of your account.

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Changing Your Password While Logged In

  • Log into the Switcher Studio Dashboard at

  • Click on your email address in the left sidebar.

  • Once the drop-down menu appears, click Profile.

  • Enter your current password in the current password field.

  • Enter your new password into both of the new password fields.

  • Click Change Password.

Changing Your Password to Regain Account Access

  • Go to the Switcher Studio Dashboard at

  • Click Forgot Password?

  • Enter your email address.

  • Click Reset Password.

  • You will receive an email to the email address provided. Open the email.

  • Click the link in the email to set a new password.

Troubleshooting Errors When Changing Your Password

If you are unable to change your password, it is usually the cause of one of two issues: either your new password does not meet our current password requirements, or you are attempting to use a custom domain. Below are the steps on how to correct both of these predicaments:

Your Password Does Not Meet Requirements

The password that you are attempting to use must meet our current requirements. These requirements are as follows:

  • at least 8 characters long

  • at least one capital letter

  • at least one lowercase letter

  • at least one number

  • at least one symbol !@#$%^&*()_+

If your new password does not meet all of these requirements, you will see an error message. Please enter in a new password that meets all five requirements, and you will be able to successfully update your password.

Your Email Address Uses A Custom Domain That is Flagged by our System

We use an email security tool to validate the legitimacy of email addresses. Unfortunately, it's possible that valid email addresses can be flagged as risky, especially for custom domains. If you are not receiving a password reset email, and you have confirmed it is not in your Junk folder, we recommend asking for your email domain to be whitelisted in our system.

There are two ways to make this request:

  1. Recommended: Message the support team using the messenger widget while logged into the Switcher Studio Dashboard or the iOS app. To get to the messenger widget in the app, tap the ? icon on the homescreen.

  2. Send an email to from the email address you use for your Switcher Studio account, that contains the domain that needs whitelisting.

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