Sharing A Switcher Cast PC Crash With The Support Team

To share a Switcher Cast crash log on PC:

  • Open your File Explorer.

    • This is typically done by clicking the little folder icon on your PC's bottom toolbar.

  • Use the menu bar on the left-hand side to scroll down to This PC, and select "Local Disk (C:)".

  • In the search bar to the top-right of the screen, do a search for C:\ProgramData. This search may take a few minutes to complete. When the search completes, locate the folder for "Switcher Cast".

  • Open the "Switcher Cast" folder. Inside is a folder for "log". Open it, too.

  • One or several log files are inside the folder. Send the most recent one (which details your error) as an attachment to and our Support Team will be in touch shortly!

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