Understanding Audio Options with Switcher Studio

There are two ways to configure audio with Switcher Studio:

  • Internal Audio Sources: Your switcher device's built-in microphone, Video Chat remote guests, pre-recorded video assets, audio assets.

  • External Audio Sources: External microphones, audio mixers, and media players (e.g. computers, iPods, etc.) that can be plugged into your switcher device

Using Internal Audio Sources (Default)

By default, Switcher Studio uses the built-in microphone on the main switching device for audio. You cannot select remote cameras as the audio source.

When using Video Chat or playing video assets or audio assets, you don't need to do anything additional to get their audio into Switcher Studio. By default, the software includes echo cancellation for Video Chat when using an iOS device's internal mic.

Note: Echo cancellation does not work with external audio devices connected. If you are using an external audio device with Video Chat, you will need to use headphones to hear your Video Chat guest without an echo.

If the audio quality is poor from the main switcher, consider moving the device closer to the action or connecting external audio sources.

Using External Audio Sources

Using external audio sources can improve the quality and quantity of audio sources in your broadcast. Whether you are using a single microphone or routing multiple devices through an audio mixer, you will need a specific set of adapters, cables, and hardware. These requirements depend on whether your switcher device has a headphone jack, lightning port, or USB-C port and whether you'd like mono or stereo audio. These guides provide step-by-step instructions on setting up external audio sources by input type:

For additional information on audio, check out the Audio section of the Help Center or our guide on Finding The Best Way to Connect Audio

Note: Switcher Studio supports audio bitrates up to 128kbps. This is the recommended rate set by many streaming platforms.

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