Facebook Polling

With Switcher Studio's Facebook Polling feature, you can create a poll during your livestream and get real-time feedback from your audience. You can monitor the results inside Switcher and show them on the live video player in Facebook. Currently, the results do not display in Switcher Studio, the graphic only appears in the video player on Facebook.

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Creating a New Poll

Live Polling is only available with Switcher Studio's in-app Facebook integration. Live Polling is not available when connecting to Facebook using a Custom RTMP.

On the main switching device:

  1. Tap the Live Polling tab (graph icon)

  2. Tap Load Polls

  3. Tap the blue arrow next to None

  4. Tap Create Poll

  5. Enter the question and response options

  6. Tap Create

  7. Tap Close

    • If you have created multiple polls, tap the poll you want to display before tapping Close. You will see a blue check mark next to the selected poll.

    • After tapping Close, your poll will be visible to your Facebook Live audience.

Note: You cannot create a new poll until you have already started your Facebook Live broadcast.

Displaying Poll Results

When you are ready to stop the poll and display the results to your audience:

  1. Tap Show Results in the Facebook Polling tab.

  2. Tap Show Results in the modal window.

    • The results will then be visible on the Facebook Live video player.

Accessing the Poll for Mobile Viewers

If a viewer is watching on a mobile device, they must tap the purple graph icon on their screen to see the poll.

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