Transparent Image Has White Background

If you imported a PNG image file that had a transparent background in its original format, but is no longer transparent as an asset, there can be a few underlying causes. This article identifies the ways that PNG files can lose their transparent background and the proper way to preserve their transparency.

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Uploading PNG Files to Switcher Cloud

When you upload an asset to Switcher Cloud using the Switcher Studio Dashboard, you have the option to upload the file as a Photo or Image as Lower Third. If you select Photo, your file will be uploaded as a full-screen asset with no transparency. If you select Image as Lower Third, and your original file has a transparent background, the asset in Switcher Studio will maintain the transparency.

To upload a transparent PNG file correctly:

  • Go to the Switcher Cloud section of the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Click Upload in the top-right corner.

  • Click Choose File.

  • Select the file you want to upload.

  • Select the Image as lower third option.

  • Click Upload.

Importing PNG Files From Switcher Cloud

When you import a file from Switcher Cloud, it is important to select how you plan to use the file. If you choose to import a file without selecting the proper use, it can result in the image losing its transparency. T

To import an PNG from Switcher Cloud:

  • Open Switcher Studio on the main switcher.

  • Tap Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Tap the + button in the Sources panel.

  • Tap Logo.

  • Tap Switcher Cloud.

    • Make any adjustments in the asset property window.

  • Tap Done.

iCloud Files Issues

Files that are stored in iCloud lose their transparent backgrounds. If you import an asset from iCloud, it will have a solid colored background in Switcher Studio. We recommend storing and importing asset files outside of iCloud. You can store them in your Photos app, in a third-party file hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive, or on Switcher Cloud.

Note: If you are still having issues with transparency after following the steps listed above, reach out to our support team at

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