Disabling Auto-Captions on Facebook

Facebook automatically enables captioning on all live videos. As a result, closed captions appear on videos when the sound is muted. If a person watching the video unmutes the video, the captions will disappear. People watching the video have the option to turn on captions at any time, even when the sound is on.

Disabling Auto-Captions on Facebook

The ability to disable Auto-Captions is accessible through the corresponding Facebook page's settings. This feature is not able to be changed using the Switcher Studio app due it being an internal control of Facebook features.

To Disable Auto-Captions on a Facebook Page:

  • Navigate to your Page on Facebook.com.

  • Click Settings in the Manage Page sidebar.

  • Click General in the Page Settings sidebar.

  • Click Edit next to Auto-Generated Video Captions and Subtitles.

  • Select Don’t auto-generate captions or subtitles.

  • Click Save Changes.

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