How to Fix Audio Echo or Feedback in Switcher

Echo in your audio is one of the most common audio issues you may run into. Fortunately, it's usually caused by some easy to make mistakes in your setup.

Echo in your Video Production

If you're getting an echo in your broadcast there are a few things to check:

  • On the iOS device you are using as the main switcher, turn the volume all the way down. This will make sure there is no playback of the incoming audio.

  • Turn off Audio Monitoring. Open the Switcher app, go to the Audio tab (soundwave icon) and toggle off “Audio Monitoring”.

  • Make sure your microphones are not close to a speaker causing the audio to loop through twice.

Echo When Using Audio Monitoring

Switcher's built-in Audio Monitoring feature is there to make sure your audio sounds good prior to going live. We recommend using this feature to set audio levels and then turning it off prior to streaming. When left on it can be the source of your echo.

If you are using headphones to monitor audio, the echo won't be present in your stream, but can really trip you up while talking to viewers and guests. That's because of the natural delay between the real-time audio and what you hear in your headset.

If you're not using headphones, the audio can come back in through your device's built-in microphone or external microphones if they're too close to your device. This will cause an echo for your guests and viewers on the stream.

To turn off Audio Monitoring, swipe over to the Audio tab (soundwave icon), and use the toggle to disable Audio Monitoring, as shown below. When it is disabled, the button is on the left and the toggle bar is dimmed.

Echo When Using Video Chat

If you hear an echo while on Video Chat there are a few things to check:

  • If you're using an external microphone the built-in echo canceling will not work. You'll want to make sure you're using headphones to listen to your guest.

  • If you are not using in-app Video Chat, and instead are communicating with your guest through a second device such as a laptop, you can get an echo of your voice. Make sure you mute the mic connected to Switcher and only communicate through your second device. This will also fix problems with audio sync.

  • If you're using a mixer like the Rodecaster Pro, it's possible for your guest to hear an echo of themselves. If this is happening make sure your mixer's Mix/Minus feature is turned on.

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