Error Message: "The Stream Contains No Data"

If you receive the error message, "The Stream Contains No Data," it means the live event is not set up correctly, and Switcher Studio is unable to send video out to the destination. The two causes that can lead to this error message are:

  • There is an issue with the destination in the Outputs tab.

  • The RTMP values are incorrect (if using Custom RTMP).

Ensuring the Destination in the Outputs Tab is Correct

Go to the Outputs tab in Switcher Studio and check the following:

  • Swipe down to refresh the list. This will sync it with the Switcher Studio dashboard.

  • Make sure the name of the live video is correct.

  • Make sure the blue checkmark is next to the correct destination.

If the event was not scheduled, try setting up the live stream again in Switcher Studio.

Ensuring the Custom RTMP Values are Correct

If you receive the error message while using Custom RTMP, it is likely that either the stream key or stream URL is incorrect. This is especially likely if you set up Custom RTMP directly in the app, since it's harder to copy/paste from the destination into the app.

We recommend checking the stream key and stream URL. You can do this from the Dashboard > Custom RTMP. Click/tap on the Custom RTMP channel you created and confirm the values are correct, or copy/paste again from the destination.

Once you have checked the values in the Dashboard, go back to the Switcher Studio app. Go to the Outputs tab, and swipe down to refresh the list. Try streaming to the Custom RTMP channel again.

After "Connection Closed by Server" Message

If you received the issue “Connection Closed by Server” and when you try to go live to the same video get the error “The Stream Contains No Data” it means that the streaming destination has closed the connection completely. Switcher is no longer able to send video to that event, and a new live stream will need to be created.

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