How to Use Voice Mode With Switcher

Voice Mode Overview

Voice Mode is an Audio settings option that was released as part of Switcher Studio 5.2. in order to improve voice-only audio quality. Here are the important highlights of the feature:

  • Voice Mode adds additional processing and echo cancelation for your microphone, making it ideal for Video Chat and other voice-only scenarios.

  • Voice Mode reduces the audio quality of full-range audio sources (like music) and should not be used in situations where you want professional-quality audio.

  • Voice Mode is not recommended for external USB audio sources.

  • Using Voice Mode disables Audio Monitoring in Switcher Studio.

When to Use Voice Mode

The following use cases are ideal for using Voice Mode:

  • When using Switcher Studio's Video Chat feature.

  • When using wired or wireless/Bluetooth headphones with a built-in mic.

  • When using the built-in microphone on the iPhone/iPad you're using as the switcher.

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