Facebook Comment Moderation Settings

When using Switcher Studio to livestream to a Facebook Page, you can use Comment Moderation Settings to control who can comment and how often they can comment.

Understanding Comment Moderation Setting Options

These are the Comment Moderation options available through Facebook:

  • Follower mode: Allow comments only from your page followers.

  • Slow mode: Allow people to comment only once every 10 seconds.

  • Discussion mode: Require commenters to write 100+ characters per comment.

  • Restricted mode: Require commenters to have a Facebook account that’s at least 2 weeks old.

Note: these options are provided by Facebook and implemented into Switcher Studio's integration. Facebook can change or remove an option at any time.

How to Select a Comment Moderation Setting in Switcher Studio

  • When using Switcher Studio to set up the livestream, tap the toggle next to Comment Moderation to enable it. Once enabled, the button will turn orange.

  • Click/tap an option to select it.

  • Once selected, it will appear in the box below Comment Moderation.

  • Click/tap the box to select another option.

  • To delete an option, deselect the box to remove.

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