Adding Transparent Videos to Switcher Studio (Alpha Channel)

HEVC with alpha is a great way to use custom branded video animations with transparent backgrounds to elevate your videos and livestreams. Not all videos with alpha channels will display properly in Switcher Studio, and currently this process is only available on Mac. While there is a HEVC codec available for PC it does not retain the necessary alpha channel information after compressing the video.

Note: Creating HEVC supported video files does require advanced knowledge. Please be cautious if you are paying someone to create these files for you, as there are very specific requirements and limited support.

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Exporting as a Transparent Video

Switcher Studio does not support all transparent videos or videos with alpha. While we cannot troubleshoot creating animations, the following workflow has proven successful for our team.

Note: The below steps provide the walkthrough using Adobe Premiere Pro. Steps may vary in other applications.

First, in Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Open the video project.

  • Click Export.

  • Next to Preset, select Apple ProRes 4444 With Alpha.

    • If this option does not display in the list, click More Presets.

  • Click Export.

Next, in Quicktime:

  • Open the video file.

  • Click File.

  • Select Export As > 1080p.

  • Ensure Smaller File Size (HEVC) is selected.

  • Click Save.

Uploading the Video to Switcher Cloud

In the Switcher Studio Dashboard:

  • Go to the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Click Switcher Cloud in the left sidebar.

  • Click the plus icon in the top-right corner.

  • Select your file.

  • Click Upload.

Note: AirDrop can also be used to transfer files to the main switcher. This is useful for files over 100 MB.

Importing the Video Into Switcher Studio

  • Open the Switcher Studio app.

  • Tap the plus icon in the bottom-left corner.

  • Tap Switcher Cloud.

  • Tap the download icon next to your video.

  • When the video has downloaded, tap Done.

  • Long hold on the video in the sources panel.

  • Tap Edit Properties.

  • Next to Layering, tap Overlay.

  • Select the framing option that works best for your video.

    • The video will now be able to play as an overlay with a transparent background over your current source.

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