Using Vertical Video Mode for Live Selling

Many brands and retailers prefer using vertical video for livestream shopping, either because the social media platforms require/recommend it, or because they know a lot of their audience watches livestreams on mobile devices. Starting with Switcher Studio version 6.0, you can create livestreams and recordings with vertical/portrait video, as shown here:

How to Use Vertical Video Mode

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on the device that will be used as the main switcher (i.e. controlling the production).

  • Be sure the orientation of the device itself is vertical/portrait.

  • Log in, if prompted.

  • Tap Vertical.

Once you are in Vertical Video Mode, you can customize the Live Selling Cards and add new assets to prepare for your production.

Connecting a Second Camera Angle in Vertical Video Mode

Switcher Studio allow you to connect up to nine devices as additional sources (camera angles and shared screen). For live shopping streams, you can really elevate the experience by using at least two camera angles. We have seen a lot of successful live shopping streams that have one main camera on the host, and a second camera angle used to zoom in on products.

After you have followed the steps above to enter Vertical Video Mode on the main switcher device, you can connect additional devices as follows:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on a device that will be used as an additional camera angle.

  • Be sure the orientation of the device itself is vertical/portrait.

  • Do not log in.

  • Tap Share Camera.

    • On to the main switcher device, go to the Inputs tab (camera icon).

    • Under Sources on your Wi-Fi Network, tap the name of the device you are connecting.

    • On the device you are connecting, tap Allow.

      • To skip this step in the future, tap the toggle next to Allow Automatically.

    • In the Inputs tab on the switcher, a blue checkmark will appear next to the device name, confirming the device is connected.

    • The new camera angle will appear under the Sources panel.

    • Tap the camera angle under Sources to view it in the Live window.

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