Progress to Goal & Meter Graphics

Beginning with Switcher Studio 6.1, there are new asset templates that can be used to show progress towards a goal, available inventory, and anything else that would benefit from a metered visualization. The templates are available as full-screen assets and as overlays.

Creating & Customizing a Meter Graphic

  • Tap the + button on the switching device.

  • Tap Text & Graphics.

  • Tap Titles.

  • Scroll down to the meter templates.

  • Tap the template you want to use.

  • The Properties editor will appear.

  • Customize the asset, including applying your brand, and adjusting the filling slider to indicate the current progress of your meter

  • Tap Done to save your customizations to your graphic.

  • The asset will appear under the Sources panel.

Using a Meter Graphic during Your Production

The Meter graphics operate the same way as other assets. To display the asset while recording or livestreaming:

  • Tap the meter thumbnail under Sources.

  • It will appear in the live window.

  • How you remove the asset will depend on whether it's a full-screen asset or an overlay.

    • If it's a full-screen asset, tap any full-screen camera angle or full-screen asset.

    • If it's an overlay, tap the thumbnail under Sources to remove the overlay.

To update the progress:

  • Tap and hold the asset thumbnail in the Sources / Production panel.

  • A menu will appear with several options.

  • Tap Edit.

  • Use the Filling slider to adjust the progress visualization.

  • Make any other changes as needed.

  • Tap Done in the top right corner.

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