Customizing the Cartr Overlay

The Cartr overlay is what displays your Shopify product variants (i.e. size, color) and product code (UPI) on your Facebook Live video for viewers to make a purchase. This article provides the steps to customize your overlay to best reflect your brand and products.

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Accessing the Cartr Overlay Properties

In order to change how the Cartr overlay appears, you will need to access the properties editor.

To access the Cartr overlay properties:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app on your iOS device.

  • Tap Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Tap the Cartr tab (cart icon) in the tab bar, which is located in the bottom-right corner.

  • Tap Edit Properties.

Changing the Position of the Cartr Overlay

Depending on the type of product you will be showcasing and the part of the video screen it will be, you may want to adjust where the Cartr overlay displays.

To change the position of the Cartr overlay:

  • Tap and drag the overlay preview to the portion of the window you would like it to display in your live feed.

    • The blue lines on the preview indicate any areas that may be cut off when being streamed to different devices. To avoid any issues with customers purchasing, please keep the overlay within the blue lines.

Changing the Size of the Cartr Overlay

Depending on how much of the screen you want the Cartr overlay to take up, you can enlarge or reduce its size.

To change the size of the Cartr overlay:

  • Drag the slider next to Scale under the Size header.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Pinch in to make the Cartr overlay smaller, or

  • Pinch out to make the Cartr overlay larger.

Note: There is a limitation on how small and large the overlay can be to ensure the UPI and product information are legible.

Changing the Colors of the Cartr Overlay

A great way to add value to your stream is to adjust the colors of the Cartr overlay to match your brand's color palette. You can choose to utilize your Brand Profile or customize your colors on the spot. Colors can be set using hex codes, palette, RGB sliders, or swatches.

To change the colors of the Cartr overlay, you can edit any of the following:

  • Theme (Brand Profile or preset color scheme)

  • Product Info

    • Text Color

    • Background Color

    • Dimming Level

  • Keyword - UPI

    • Text Color

    • Back Color

Note: Colors will need to be updated for every new production. The app does not save the Cartr overlay color selections.

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