Accepting Podcast & Creator Donations With Switcher Player

Switcher Player is an embeddable player that features an interactive mode, making it easier than ever for virtual attendees to donate. By enabling Switcher Player's interactive links on your streams, viewers can click the link or scan a QR code to be directed to your donation page.

Note: The Switcher Player is available on the Business, Merchant, and Plus plans.

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Viewer Experience of Giving Donations

  • Switcher Player's Interactive Mode will display the links tab in the top-right corner of Switcher Player.

  • Viewers can click the links tab to be presented with the donation link(s) you have connected.

  • When clicking on a link, the viewer will be presented with a QR code and a redirect link. If viewers would like to continue watching your livestream while donating, they can scan the QR code using the camera on another device.

Switcher Player Requirements

The Switcher Player, which hosts the links feature, is available on Switcher Studio Business, Plus, and Merchant plans.

Supported Donation Platforms & Websites

Switcher Player's links feature will support any URL you would like to use. There are no limitations to which website or platform you direct your viewers toward. Some popular donation platforms include Cash App, Venmo, PayPal and GoFundMe.

Configuring the Links Feature for Donations

To configure the Links feature for donations:

  • Log in to the Switcher Studio Dashboard.

  • Click Switcher Player in the left sidebar.

  • Click Open Player Settings in the Switcher Player Preview.

  • Complete the following fields below Interactive Settings.

    • Button Text: This will be what the text on the button in the top-right corner of the player that viewers will click to load the window. (i.e. "Support")

    • Pop-up Headline: This line can be used to explain the link(s) below. (i.e. "Thank you for supporting us!")

  • Click the plus icon (+) next to Add Links.

  • Enter the link description. This is the text that viewers will see and click on to be directed to your donations webpage. i.e. Give With Venmo

  • Enter the URL. Copy and paste the link to your church's donations page (i.e. church website, CashApp) into this field.

  • Click Save.

Going Live to Switcher Player

Once you have configured your links for donations, you are ready to go live. Setting up a livestream to Switcher Player is just like setting up a stream to any other destination. When you go to the outputs tab, you will select the Switcher Player destination and enter your stream details.

To livestream to the Switcher Player:

  • Open Switcher Studio on your main switcher.

  • Tap the Outputs tab.

  • Tap Switcher Player to select it as the output.

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Switcher Player.

  • Enter the stream details.

  • Ensure that Enable Interactive Links is toggled on.

  • Tap Save.

  • Press the record button in the top right corner.

Note: Switcher Player is an available destination when Multistreaming does not count toward your total destination limit.

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