Using Animated Text

Animated text assets are a creative way to communicate with your audience during your livestream. Animated text moves along the bottom of your livestream and is ideal especially for sports, news, and podcasts. However, we are sure you can find a use for it in almost any circumstance!

In this article:

Available Animated Text Templates

Scrolling Animated Text

Bouncing Animated Text

Accessing Animated Text in Switcher Studio

To access animated text assets:

  • Open the Switcher Studio app.

  • Tap Use as Switcher.

  • Tap the plus icon in the bottom-center of the Sources panel.

  • Tap Text & Graphics.

  • Tap Animated Text.

Choosing an Animated Text Template

There are two animated text templates available for use. The first template scrolls the text from right to left. The second template bounces the text back and forth.

To choose an Animated Text template:

  • Tap the template you would like to use.

Customizing Your Animated Text

Now that you have selected a template, you can adjust the properties for your specific needs.

To customize your Animated Text:

  • Adjust any settings in the Properties window.

    • You can adjust settings such as the text, font, color, size, background, and speed.

  • Tap Done in the top-right corner.

Displaying Your Animated Text in the Livestream

Once you have started your livestream, you can display the animated text in your video.

To display the Animated Text:

  • Tap the asset in the Sources panel to display it in the livestream.

    • The asset will continue to loop indefinitely, until you choose to remove it.

  • Tap the asset again to remove it from the livestream.

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