Getting Started on the Merchant Plan

Welcome to Switcher! We want to make getting started quick and easy. Let's begin by walking through a couple of steps to start you off with success on your livestreaming journey using Switcher's Merchant plan!

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Creating an Asset

You are probably excited to sell products in your livestreams (we are excited for you too!), but we would be amiss to not introduce you to some of the core features of Switcher first, like the ability to add assets (i.e. photos, audio, titles, etc.) to your livestreams. Before we begin, open the Switcher app on your iPhone or iPad, login, and tap Use as Switcher.

Note: Don't have Switcher downloaded yet? No problem, check out Installing the Switcher App to learn how.

To create an asset:

  • Tap the large blue and white plus icon. (bottom-left corner)

  • Next, tap the type of asset you would like to create. (i.e. Photo)

    • If you need some inspiration, try selecting a photo from your Photo Library. Don't be picky, we are just having fun!

  • After adjusting any settings, tap Done in the top-right corner.

    • The photo will now appear as an asset in the Sources panel.

  • Tap the asset to display it in the Live window.

    • You're getting the hang of it!

Connecting a Camera

We won't make you connect extra cameras, but it is how we got our name after all! (the ability to switch between two or more cameras) If you have a spare iPhone or iPad lying around, let's connect it to Switcher. If not, it's no problem, just jump ahead to Creating a Test Stream.

To connect a camera:

  • Open Switcher on the second device.

    • Remember, you can find the steps to install Switcher here.

  • Tap Share This Device.

  • Tap Share This Camera.

  • Go back to your first device and tap the Inputs tab.

    • The Inputs tab looks like a camera icon and is located in the bottom-right corner.

  • The name of your second device will show up here. Tap on it! (i.e. Tim's iPhone)

  • Lastly, go back to your second device and tap Allow.

    • You did it! Don't believe me? Look at Sources panel on your first device (we call it the Main Switcher) and you will see your camera. Tap the camera to display it in the Live window. Pretty cool, huh?

Creating a Test Stream

Now it's time to make your first test stream using the customizable, embeddable, shoppable Switcher Player! This is an opportunity for you to get a feel for using Switcher without having live viewers. So don't worry if you're not in the store or if your hair is a mess, until you share your Switcher Player page URL or embed it on your website, you are the only person that will be able to see this video.

Note: Wondering where to find your Switcher Player URL and embed code? Go to the Switcher Studio Dashboard, login with your Switcher account credentials, and click Switcher Player in the left sidebar.

To go live:

  • Tap the Outputs tab.

    • The Outputs icon is a square and arrow, and is located in the bottom-right corner.

  • Tap the blue arrow next to Switcher Player.

  • Enter a Title,i.e. "Exclusive Shopping Event".

  • Ensure "Enable Live Shopping" is set to the on position.

  • Tap Save.

    • You will see a blue checkmark next to Switcher Player in the Outputs tab.

  • Next, tap the Cartr tab. (shopping cart icon)

  • Tap Collection.

  • Tap to select a Collection you would sell products from.

  • Tap Done in the top-right corner.

    • You will now see the products from your Shopify collection in the Cartr tab.

  • Finally, tap the big red circle (record button) in the top-right corner.

  • Ready to sell? Tap a product in the Cartr tab.

    • An on-screen graphic will now appear and the product will be available for purchase on your Switcher Player.

  • Now is also a good time to tap between assets and camera angles in the Sources panel to get a feel for what it is like to produce the livestream.

  • When you are finished, simply tap the stop button (square) in the top-right corner.

Next Steps

Great job, you did it! When you are ready to livestream to your buyers, all you need to do is embed Switcher Player on your website!

Looking for more to learn? Check out the following content on some of our most popular features on Switcher's Merchant plan:

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