How to Use Timestamps in the Switcher App

Timestamping is a feature that allows you to mark parts of your livestream for easy reference when creating clips. The timestamp tool works with the clips feature to quickly locate and export sections of your livestream that you would like to repurpose.

Note: The timestamp tool can be utilized when going live, going live and recording, or recording only.

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Accessing the Timestamp Tool

To access the timestamp tool:

  • Open the Switcher app on your iOS device.

  • Tap New Livestream.

  • Tap Horizontal or Vertical.

  • Tap Enter Studio.

  • Tap the Timestamp tab (stamp icon) in the bottom-right corner.

    • If you do not see the Timestamp tab, scroll the tab bar until it comes into view.

Marking Timestamps During a Livestream

In order to make a timestamp during the livestream, you don't have to have the Timestamp tab open. You can also utilize the Timestamp tool in the top-center of Switcher next to the audio meter.

To make a timestamp during a livestream:

  • Click the timestamp tool in the top-center, next to the audio meter.

    • The timestamp will appear with a stream time in the Timestamp tab.

Note: You can also tap Add a New Manual Timestamp in the Timestamp tab to make a timestamp.

Using Timestamps to Creating a Clip

Once your livestream has ended:

  • Tap Create Clip in the video completion panel.

  • Tap Edit.

  • Tap the Timestamp icon.

    • The number of timestamps will display next to the icon.

  • Tap the timestamp you would like to navigate to.

  • If you would like to begin your clip here, tap Begin Clip.

    • You can tap and drag the video timeline to the start time you would like to use.

  • Tap and drag the video to the time you would like your clip to end.

    • If you timestamped where you would like your clip to end, you can use the timestamp tool to jump to that location, then click End Clip.

  • Tap End Clip.

  • Tap Save.

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