What is Switcher Studio?

Interested in learning about live selling with Switcher? This guide provides all of the basic info about what Switcher is and the services we provide to mobilize your live selling efforts. We have a few core tools that, when combined, make for a top notch live selling experience for yourself and viewers alike, with minimal effort required.

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What is Switcher Studio?

Switcher Studio is a live video production app for iOS that can be used to livestream to Switcher Player (more details below), Facebook, YouTube, etc. What makes Switcher so great is that it can be as simple or as dynamic as you wish. Want to just use your camera to livestream and sell without any of the extras? It's great at that. But if you want additional camera angles, graphics, text, titles, etc in your streams, Switcher can do that, and more!

What is Switcher Player?

Here is where things really get exciting! Switcher Player is an interactive video player that viewers can use to purchase items you are selling. To make it even more powerful, you have the ability to embed Switcher Player on your website, giving you full control over your viewers experience and who has access to shop.

What is Cartr?

Cartr is Switcher's Shopify integration, which simply acts as the liaison between your Shopify store and Switcher. It is the tool that allows your products to be displayed and available to purchase from your Switcher Player.

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